Our eggs taste great
All Redeemer's Garden farm eggs come from chickens that get certified organic feed plus free range for greens (grass, weeds, kitchen scraps) and insects and worms. They have a great life, get plenty of exercise running around. After their time of local Chilliwack egg production is over they are humanely butchered and available for making a tasty pot of soup. They do not get any antibiotics, hormones, genetically modified feed, or any other nasty.


We have both heritage birds and conventional hybrid birds. The heritage birds are Amauracanas, which lay robin's egg blue - olive green eggs with the occasional light brown almost pink egg. The hybrid birds lay various shades of brown eggs. All have a rich yellow yoke which is more pronounced in the months when there is active vegetation growing.

Contrary to popular opinion, color of egg shell has nothing to do with either taste or nutrition of egg. What does have an influence on this is what the chicken consumes. For example, chickens that lay the eggs sold in stores advertising high omega-3, have had fish oil included in their diet. Factory farmed chickens usually have a very bland diet of grain and therefore have bland tasting eggs. Large scale ŒFree Range' farms may also get the same diet found in the caged bird farm. Free range, legally only means they are not in cages. It says nothing about what the chickens are fed. That is why with the variety of things our chickens have to eat; our eggs have a delicious flavor not found in factory farmed eggs purchased in stores. Our soup hens also produce a superior tasting broth that you can't buy in a can or bouillon cube.

Eggs and Chickens

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There is also some evidence suggesting that chickens with outside access to natural vegetation are lower in cholesterol as well as higher in vitamin D and E. The benefits of eggs in your diet are many. They are low in calories, high in and protein. Quick and easy to prepare, they are natures ultimate fast food. At $.33 per egg ($4.00/doz.) they are a very low cost meal as well.


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